APEC Enterprises is client's most Preferred Automation company in Pakistan

APEC Enterprises (Automatic Process Equipments Control Enterprises) knows as APEC Ent. and having 36 years of industrial Automation experience collectively. APEC Ent. is most trusted automation company in Pakistan

APEC ENT. is Reliable experience Faster

APEC Enterprises Services

APEC Ent. Committed to customer satisfaction by Providing on time Services
PLC and DCS Programming

PLC and DCS Programming

APEC Enterprises provides PLC and DCS Programming services of any brand.

HMI and SCADA Development

APEC Enterprises Provides HMI and SCADA Development Services

Installation and Commissioning

Installation and Commissioning

APEC Enterprises providing Field instruments installation and commissioning services.

Calibration and certification

APEC Enterprises having huge experience to provide instruments calibration

Why Choose APEC


We have highly experienced staff


we select the right product for your plant


we provide after sale and Services


we  stick on committed delivery time

APEC Ent. Products

We Provide single Loop to Turn key Projects
Field Instruments


APEC Enterprises–industrial automation company provides instrumentation for measuring, controlling, and recording. APEC Enterprises supply pressure, temperature, flow, and level transmitters. We also provide instrumentation engineering, instrumentation and control engineering,industrial instrumentation, instrumentation and process control, process control instrumentation and Instrumentation consultancy & Calibration Services.


APEC Enterprises provide industrial automation and automation engineering Products.PLC &HMI, DCS hardware with programming and development services. We successfully completed many projects of factory automation & industrial control systems.To many automation companies has been working in Pakistan but APEC Enterprises secure his first position in “PLC automation”. We Provide Automation solutions & services to manufacturing industry.

Electrical Products


Our electrical product category includes everything from electrical panels and switchgear to motors and transformers. We offer products from some of the most trusted and well-known brands in the industry, ensuring that our clients can depend on the products they purchase from us, VFD, Circuit breakers, Lights, and motors. APEC Enterprises provide electrical engineering & installation services to many power generation companies in Pakistan

Bag Filling Machine

Weighing & Packing

APEC Enterprises provide bag filling machines, bottle filling machines, and food packing machines. APEC Enterprises also provide Load Cell Installation, Tank weights with load cell installation and calibration

About Our Company

APEC Ent. (Automatic Process Equipment’s Control Enterprises) is a National Based Company, We have 36 years of Experience in the field of Industrial Control systems (ICS), Process Control systems (PCS), System Integrator systems (SIS), Instrumentation, Control & Electrical (IC&E), Power Management Systems(PMS), Instruments Asset Management System(IAMS), and Calibration & Consultancy..,

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Latest Updates

Telo Clarifier Automation in Sugar industry

Telo automation has revolutionized the Sugar industry in Pakistan by introducing cutting-edge technology to automate various processes. A much-needed solution in a country where the Sugar industry plays a critical role in the economy. Telo automation has simplified workflows for Sugar mills by streamlining the production process from planting sugar canes to packaging finished products. With this new technology, mills can closely monitor their inventory levels, track production efficiency, and produce quality products that meet international standards. The result is an optimized production process with reduced production times, which results in higher profitability. Telo automation is here to stay and promises to make the Sugar industry in Pakistan more efficient, productive, and profitable than ever before.

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Deep Bed Filter automation in sugar Mills

If you’ve been struggling with the manual upkeep of your deep bed filter, you’ll be happy to know there’s a solution. Deep bed filter automation takes the hassle out of maintaining your filtration system, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency. No more complex calculations or tedious adjustments – our automated system does it all for you, helping you save time and money. With real-time monitoring, you can be confident that your filter is performing optimally, without any guesswork. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to a more streamlined, reliable filtration process. Let us help you simplify your maintenance routine today.

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We Provide Fully functional and Licensed SCADA softwares to our Valuable Customers

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